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Stephan van Oppenraaij is the owner and director of STUDIO OO&O, established in 1996. As a self-employed professional, he has worked for numerous companies and individual clients in the graphic design field. Over the last decade he has also excelled in food preparation, recipe design, food styling, events, catering at home and private dining.

INFO@OOENO.NL +31 6 55 80 63 15

”I can honestly say that I am equally passionate about food and design, the two go hand-in-hand in my view, it is that sense of imagination and creation…I try to bring that across in my work. That enthusiasm works well when working with clients to create that perfect image, be it in a design for an add, a magazine, a logo, or preparing for a food photo shoot or catering at home, whether digital, on paper, or on a plate, for a large company or in a person’s home. The main thing is, as everything in life, to listen carefully to the people around you, to have an honest discussion, and create the ultimate experience…and to have a good sense of humor. The end product, however, should always be professional and to mutual satisfaction. I am glad that I can bring that mix to the clients. So far, everybody is happy”

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